Meet Susan, Biodynamic Beef Farm, QLD


a holistic approach of farming eumundi beef farm, eumundi, QLD Meeting Susan from Eumundi Beef was a real pleasure, and probably one the most interesting and informative farm visits so far. How did it all come about? For quite a while now we have been onto the the virtues of bone broth, a vitamine packed slow reduction stock, that keeps … Read More

Doo Town, TAS

doo town_0011

Doo town! Many of us appreciate a good pun, myself included, and obviously so do the folks of Doo Town, small community on the Tasman Peninsula of Tasmania. As clearly, “One good pun deserves another” most of the town has jumped on board and branded their homes and properties with various Doo related puns, resulting in a hilarious afternoon for … Read More

How to build your own hot smoker

build your own hot smoker_0006

Build your own hot smoker! One of the finer things in life is smoked fish. Spending lots of time by the water, and plenty of trial and error has provided a somewhat consistent supply of fish, and for some time we have talked about how great it would be to build a smoker. If we could find a way to … Read More

Back on the road and checking out the awesomeness of Tasmania!


Tasmania here we come Well, after a small holiday from our holiday (Austria too see Clara’s lovely family over December and January) and some running repairs at Boobook (namely new wheels and tyres, some suspension work and a revamp of the upstairs awning), BluePrint adventures is back at it and checking out all the awesomeness down in Tassie. Only a … Read More

Meet Tammi & Stuart, Jonai Farms, VIC


You are what you eat, so eat ethically Jonai Farms & Meatsmith In Daylesford, VIC   As we are travelling around the country from beautiful camp site to organic farm or market, running our old truck on waste veggie oil, we couldn’t believe our luck when we ran into Stuart and Tammy Jonai, ethical pig farmers and fellow waste veggie … Read More

Meet Crystal, Organic Grower QLD

crystal organics_0009

Urban Farming Grown, Picked and Loved 100% Organic, 100% freshly picked, 100% grown with love As we came up into Queensland, Clara and I just had to take the opportunity to stop of and spend a few weeks with dear old(ish) mumsy. Mum has always had a wonderful approach to food and nutrition, and it was no surprise to learn … Read More

Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home After being on the road for nearly 4 months, Clara and I thought it was about time to  give a  little tour of our mobile happiness machine, Bluey. He’s not a home away from  home, a temporary dwelling, or a reality escape mobile, he is it, our lovely abode, our  grand residence, home sweet home.   Starting life as a 1975 FJ40 short wheelbase Toyota Landcruiser, once in our possession,  Bluey was chopped and changed to become the ultimate 4×4 touring machine. Longer  chassis, ute … Read More

Making our own sunscreen

sunscreen_blueprint adventures_0002

Making our own sunscreen   The last 4 months of our nomadic lifestyle have been absolutely amazing, we just love being and living outside.This of course means seeing alot of sun, and especially for me, with my fair European skin, lots of sunscreen. Naturally, I wanted something natural and organic, and we have tried quiet a few different brands from … Read More

I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Working!!!


I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Working!!!      I still can’t believe its actually working. To explore Australia whilst only spending our time to cover distance was always the plan. A grand plan admittedly, but one that we were not really sure would work until we were underway. Sure, I had faith in Bluey’s oil burning ability. We have dealt with … Read More

First Oil Collection – Allie’s Take Away


  We woke up to the sounds of singing birds, a big frost blanket across the countryside, and little bits of frozen ice on the awning. Last night was a really cold night. We’re more north than Melbourne, but were not north yet. This howerer, was not everything the 3rd day had to offer. The previous evening, we parked up … Read More