Boobook – the dawning of a new adventure often means the closing of another. Although closing is definitely not the right term, because the last 3 months at Boobook have cemented some lifelong friendships.


On the 12th of Feb this year, we handed back the keys on our little rental in Thornbury, a space that had been home to Clara for 4 years, and to me for nearly 10. Nearly broke, homeless, and with an epic unfinished project, we were taken in by some pretty special people.


Boobook_0001b Boobook_0001c

Without their help we would never have been able to complete the build to the standard we have. Jeff at Ace Motorcycles, an old employer and friend, generously let us use the facilities of, and camp up at the back of his workshop. But most importantly, Robbie, Georgie, and the little man Leon, opened up the gates to their beautiful bush block Boobook (named for the Boobook owl we had the privilege of hearing one still night) and welcomed us into their lives. On top of that, they allowed us to relocate our workshop into their lovely big shed, stash all our worldly possessions into a shipping container beside it, and use that beautiful part of the world to begin to live on, in, and out of Bluey. This gave us the opportunity to test out the build, finalise all of the little (and plenty of the big) details that will enable us a life of luxury on the road, and allow us to collect, clean and use waste veggie oil as fuel. Without their input, generosity, patience and love this all would have been a lot harder, even an impossible challenge, to get to the stage that we are at now. So big love guys, our adventure together is just on pause.

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