Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud


CLOVERLEAF CORRIEDALE STUD Sam and I met Ronelle and James, a warm and generous couple at a farm clearing sale near Melbourne. Since it was Sam’s and my fist ever auction together, we of course got a bit of the auction fever. We bought more cool old stuff than we could possibly strap onto Bluey, to be stashed away for … Read More

Waste Veggie Oil May/April


WASTE VEGGIE OIL TASMANIA MAY/APRIL At the start of this latest trip to Tasmania, Sam and I were a bit concerned we wouldn’t be able get enough waste veggie oil support 2 trucks, Sapph, Sam Swift and Troopy now being on board. We knew from last year it was a lot harder to scavenge free fuel in Tas compared to … Read More

Joel Salatin at Jonai Farms


JOEL SALATIN @ JONAI FARMS Sam and I have recently had an awesome time helping out Tammi and Stuart from Jonai Farm, to get ready for the Legal Defence Fund fundraiser featuring Joel Salatin (permaculture royalty) on the 26th of Feb. We’ve been busy finishing the build on Belvedere, weeding, and replanting the garden beds, preparing food and mostly enjoying … Read More

Waste veggie oil (WVO) for fuel and how it all works.


Waste veggie oil (WVO) for fuel and how it all works. In this long overdue write up, I’ll briefly summarise how we have managed to clock up approximately 50,000ks of driving while using under 500ltrs of diesel. To run a vehicle (or engine) successfully on STRAIGHT WASTE VEGGIE OIL, there are really only 3 important things to address. Firstly you must … Read More

Doo Town, TAS

doo town_0011

Doo town! Many of us appreciate a good pun, myself included, and obviously so do the folks of Doo Town, small community on the Tasman Peninsula of Tasmania. As clearly, “One good pun deserves another” most of the town has jumped on board and branded their homes and properties with various Doo related puns, resulting in a hilarious afternoon for … Read More

Back on the road and checking out the awesomeness of Tasmania!


Tasmania here we come Well, after a small holiday from our holiday (Austria too see Clara’s lovely family over December and January) and some running repairs at Boobook (namely new wheels and tyres, some suspension work and a revamp of the upstairs awning), BluePrint adventures is back at it and checking out all the awesomeness down in Tassie. Only a … Read More

Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home After being on the road for nearly 4 months, Clara and I thought it was about time to  give a  little tour of our mobile happiness machine, Bluey. He’s not a home away from  home, a temporary dwelling, or a reality escape mobile, he is it, our lovely abode, our  grand residence, home sweet home.   Starting life as a 1975 FJ40 short wheelbase Toyota Landcruiser, once in our possession,  Bluey was chopped and changed to become the ultimate 4×4 touring machine. Longer  chassis, ute … Read More

I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Working!!!


I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Working!!!      I still can’t believe its actually working. To explore Australia whilst only spending our time to cover distance was always the plan. A grand plan admittedly, but one that we were not really sure would work until we were underway. Sure, I had faith in Bluey’s oil burning ability. We have dealt with … Read More