Waste veggie oil (WVO) for fuel and how it all works.


Waste veggie oil (WVO) for fuel and how it all works. In this long overdue write up, I’ll briefly summarise how we have managed to clock up approximately 50,000ks of driving while using under 500ltrs of diesel. To run a vehicle (or engine) successfully on STRAIGHT WASTE VEGGIE OIL,¬†there are really only 3 important things to address. Firstly you must … Read More

How to build your own hot smoker

build your own hot smoker_0006

Build your own hot smoker! One of the finer things in life is smoked fish. Spending lots of time by the water, and plenty of trial and error has provided a somewhat consistent supply of fish, and for some time we have talked about how great it would be to build a smoker. If we could find a way to … Read More

Making our own sunscreen

sunscreen_blueprint adventures_0002

Making our own sunscreen   The last 4 months of our nomadic lifestyle have been absolutely amazing, we just love being and living outside.This of course means seeing alot of sun, and especially for me, with my fair European skin, lots of sunscreen. Naturally, I wanted something natural and organic, and we have tried quiet a few different brands from … Read More