Moving over to a gifting culture


Moving over to a gifting culture. I’ll start by stating, I am no economist, and while I am not necessarily informed around the incessant complexities of our current financial system, I am aware that it holds a tremendous level of imperfection. It is precarious, uninspiring and has led to established, and frighteningly unequal distribution of wealth throughout the world. Propped … Read More

Joel Salatin at Jonai Farms


JOEL SALATIN @ JONAI FARMS Sam and I have recently had an awesome time helping out Tammi and Stuart from Jonai Farm, to get ready for the Legal Defence Fund fundraiser featuring Joel Salatin (permaculture royalty) on the 26th of Feb. We’ve been busy finishing the build on Belvedere, weeding, and replanting the garden beds, preparing food and mostly enjoying … Read More

Dumpster Diving


Dumpster Diving. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, roughly one third of food is wasted globally (1) and $8 billion worth of food is wasted in Australia each year (2). It is of no surprise then that the world and its inhabitants are suffering as a result of the over-production and normalised waste of resources … Read More