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Sam and I met Ronelle and James, a warm and generous couple at a farm clearing sale near Melbourne.
Since it was Sam’s and my fist ever auction together, we of course got a bit of the auction fever. We bought more cool old stuff than we could possibly strap onto Bluey, to be stashed away for future projects.

And there we were at the end of the day, trying to make a plan how we could bring a industrial sewiwg machine, a mid century campaign table, a workshop bench, shelving, buckets full of hinges, nails and tools, back to our container.

Luckily Bluey attracted a whole bunch of people during the day, and it was pretty easy to make friends with Ronelle and James, who also still had a half empty ute to drive home. They offered to take whatever we couldn’t fit, and insisted we stay for a day or two when we came to collect.
…and this is how our friendship started.


As well as admiring their open generosity, I was very excited to learn Ronelle has a gorgeous bunch of wool sheep, and sells her own fleece under the business called Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud.
She has won quiet a few prizes with her sheep and the quality of the fleece is absolutely amazing.
It’s so nice to see Ronelle’s different approach of farming sheep for wool. The friendship between her and the Sheepies is truly unique. Instead of rounding them up with trained dogs, sticks and loud screaming voices, she has trained them to come to her when she calls out their names. They can be on the other side of the paddock but as soon as they hear or see Ronelle they come running and demand their daily cuddles.


I felt very lucky when Ronelle gave me a bag of Dove’s (one of her favourite sheep) Fleece and a lessons on the spinning wheel.
It was an amazing experience, and something I have always wanted to do. I must say it took me a while to get the hang of it. But soon enough I was a wizard min the spinning wheel.
I have now crouched my own hand spun wool into a super thick winter beanie, and made some fingerless gloves for Sam with some of Ronelle’s hand spun and died wool.BluePrintAdventurescloverleafcorridalestud_0008

Check out Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud, get a bag of fleece and start your own little projects.
It’s fun, you’re supporting a local small business and it’s very rewarding making something totally from the scratch.



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