Because our Blue Print Adventure it taking us down some of the most interesting roads we’ve ever been down, we decided to share the adventure and produce a documentary.

No doubt it will have that first time film maker’s approach, but fear not, it will be an honest, exciting, adventurous, humerous, entertaining and educational documentary series, following our trip around Australia as we run our 40 year old landcruiser on waste vegetable oil.

We will learn about culture and food, and meet with people sharing our passions and interests to hear their story. We will overcome difficulties, and work through misshaps as we explore beautiful hidden places, seeking out that secret piece of paradise.

Being very passionate about healthy food, and how it is produced, we will be aiming to show how we are living a life of nutritional abundance while we travel, as we meet with farmers, growers, veggie oil users, mad tinkerers, recyclers, travellers, people living off the grid, and anyone else who is making huge efforts to lead a sustainable existence.

We’d love to share our story with you……


coming soon