First Oil Collection – Allie’s Take Away




We woke up to the sounds of singing birds, a big frost blanket across the countryside, and little bits of frozen ice on the awning. Last night was a really cold night. We’re more north than Melbourne, but were not north yet. This howerer, was not everything the 3rd day had to offer. The previous evening, we parked up at a free camp site beside the Murrumbidgee River, and for the first time on the road,  ran the dirty oil in our holding tank through the centrifuge, and refilled our driving tank with that lovely liquid gold.

gundagai_0002 gundagai_0001 front_gundagai_0001 gundagai_0003

As we drove out of Gundagai this morning….late morning, in true Sam and Clara fasion, we passed Allie’s take away. We actually drove past, and as a bit of an after thought, turned around, and are really pleased we did. Walking into the shop we were welcomed by 2 georgerous ladys and their 2 georgerous smiles. After a brief explination of our adventure their smiles got even bigger, reminding them of their travells of days past. After another brief explination of our alternative fuel system, their smiles got bigger still, and we were promptly shown to the waste veggie oil drum out the back. Holy smoke, our first veggie oil score on the road, and our holding tank had only been empty for a matter of hours. The feeling of elation had us both grinning from ear to ear. Our pumping system worked well enough, although a better way of pre straining the chunky bits will need to sorted soon. After the dirty oil business, Allie came out with 2 bags of hot chips for us, the best we have had in ages, and obviously fried in nice clean oil. One of the things we love about travelling is meeting such genuine people, and we can say for sure that Allie and Katreena are 2 of them. Thanks you so much for your generosity, friendliness and your free oil. If your hungry and anywhere near Gundagai, Allie’s takeaway is the place to eat.