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As we came up into Queensland, Clara and I just had to take the opportunity to stop of and spend a few weeks with dear old(ish) mumsy. Mum has always had a wonderful approach to food and nutrition, and it was no surprise to learn she placed a weekly order (for herself and 3 other households to maximise efficiency) for fresh greens from an amazing local grower, Crystal, from Crystal organics. While we were there we naturally jumped on board and filled Blueys fridge full with some of the tastiest organic greens we have yet to come across.

Super impressed with the very generously sized box of food for 25 bucks, we obviously wanted to learn more, so the following week we headed out to Crystal Organics to spend the morning helping out in the garden and seeing what it was all about.

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Crystal bought the suburban block with house and garden beds just over 2 years ago, and we couldn’t believe just how productive she has made the space. On the 1/2 acre she is able to produce a massive amount of fresh lettuce, kale, asian greens and herbs. At the time she was growing over 20 different species of greens, which of course changes with the seasons.

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Primarily Crystal is a wholesale grower, but to her it also is very important to open up the gates to the public, so they can see how it is grown, and be able to eat organically, locally and super fresh. Another important factor, that we think is great, is that Crystal only sells to local businesses and the public, in an effort to keep the food milage as low as possible. When you see first hand just how much food can be produced in a suburban backyard, it makes the practice of running trucks all over the country to fill supermarkets, seem pointless and wasteful.

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Not only just filming and getting in the way, we had the opportunity to spend a whole morning with crystal, digging, preparing the earth for replanting, planting seedlings, mulching and learning skills that I’m sure we will make good use of in the future. It’s a hell of a lot of work running a farm, even on a small scale. There is always something to do, all year round, seven days a week. But to Crystal, and many others, it’s the most rewarding and satisfying work you could do.

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If you are ever around the Sunshine Coast, make sure you stop off and stock up on fresh organic greens from Crystal Organics.

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