Hi, I’m Sam, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a mad tinkerer. When lego got boring, I pulled appart the wind up alarm clock. When that was back together and working again, I removed all the engies from my radio controlled hovercraft and fit them to a balsa wood boat. And so it has gone, only getting a bit more ambitious each time. I love getting out into the wild, motorbikes in all shapes and forms, 40 series Landcruisers, and of course, Clara.



Hi, I’m Clara. I love mountain biking, dirt bike riding, camping trips, snowboarding, paragliding, building trucks and bikes, and just getting my hands dirty. Some would say these are typical boys things, and I guess I only found some of these passion a few years ago when i met Sam. But I also love cooking, recycling things, getting creative, designing and drawing as well as probably my biggest passion: photography.
I’m always up for a good laugh, having fun, meeting people and making new friends.


Hi, I’m Blueprint, or Bluey if we are on good terms. One Upon a time, I was a shiny new Fj40 Landcruiser, but the years and years passed by, and soon enough I was neglected and pretty sad. A nice old bloke took care of me for a few years, tidied me up and showed me a good time, but I was soon to discover Sam and Clara….and it was a match made in heaven. They trailered me  all the way back to Melbourne were they stripped me down to every nut and bolt, cut out my rust and filled it up with new shiny metal. They gave me a new longer chassis and ute tray, a seriously powerful Diesel engine made to run on recycled cooking oil, better suspension and brakes, another door, new seats, all sorts of custom storage areas, rooftop living quarters with a timber deck, my own motorbike and boat, and a million clever electrical circuits. Best of all, they prettied my up with a gorgeous new Blue Sapphire paint job.  I am the coolest of cool trucks ever built. I can’t wait to get on the road, discover dirt tracks, get motor deep stuck in mud, cross dangerous rivers, and find adventures around every corner I turn. But I must admit, mostly I just wanna show off.

You might want to see my build, or check out my awesomeness.



TROOPYHi I’m Troopy, Sam’s first big love, he bought me from a good friend of his about 11 years ago. Through me Sam found his passion for the old fj landcruiser series.
I have been the only truck for Sam….that is until they started projecting on Bluey. I must say i was quiet disappointed when they decided to build and restore one of my fellow colleges and not me. I have felt quiet neglected for the last 2 years, and the only work I’ve done was sit in a paddock, only getting out for a nice drive maybe twice a year.
But now everything is about to change and I am frickin stoked…. I can’t wait what to see what designs Sapph and Sammy Swift come up with. My inside will be completely changed, custom built and I’m sure to be feeling better than ever.
I am also getting an awesome new engine upgrade, from a 2f petrol and gas, to a 2h diesel and veggie oil. I hope everything will go smoothly and run on schedule so I can be off adventuring with my newly made friends Sapph and Sammy Swift.
If you want to see more photos of me, as I’m pretty sure I’m getting more handsome every day, check out (link to homepage)
We will keep you updated on the whole build and veggie oil conversion, so over the next couple of months I will be the center of attention.
Cheers guys, I hope to see you on the road somewhere.


Hi, I’m number 12, well….actually number 11. I got my very descriptive name because I was the 12th bike in Sam and Clara’s little 2 wheeled family. A few weeks later they realised they can’t count properly, but my name stuck. I was originally a old rusty neglected frame and wheels that was left over from a ’77’ honda xl100. Sam and Clara found me on gumtree and picked me up, and now I’ve got a very unique elsinore tank, awesome old scrambler style handlebars, a comfy custom seat, handy carry racks front and rear, a really cool headlight nobody knows the history of, and I have been fit with a rebuilt xr200 motor from one of my big cousins. I live on the back of Bluey, and what I love the most is to discover new tracks and beautiful places Bluey cant go. I also love to run little errands, so Bluey can just relax and hang out at camp. Clara started me as her project, she was very enthusiastic, but Sam just couldnt help himself, and had to get involved. I have Clara to thank for my good looks, and Sam for my fast motor, and without either of them, I wouldn’t exist at all.


the boat

Hi, I’m the Boat, and I’m thrilled to be part of the BluePrint crew. Sam and Clara rescued me from behind my previous owner’s shed, and will take me on the best adventure I have seen yet, and I’m over 25 years old, so I’ve been around the bay a few times. I’m pretty unique as I fold down flat to be the size of a surfboard, and fit nicely under the roof deck of my friend Bluey. Once unfolded, a wooden seat and a bow and stern piece brace me in position, and I am so stable that Captain Sam can even stand up to cast out and reel in what he hopes will be some real big fish. I have a cool old 5hp outboard from the 80’s, and although I don’t quite get up on the plane, I chug along nicely. I really look froward to discovering new river systems, checking out lakes, and exploring coastal bays. As long as Sam and Clara remember to keep me in relatively calm waters, we are going to get along great!



Hi, I’m Burnie. I’m named as such because I just love to burn wood, not food. Sam and Clara dreamed me up a few years ago when they were on a mini adventure to go and collect Blueys engine. They saw the need to design and build me, so they could have a safe, portable and functional camp fire wherever they go so they can keep warm, cook amazing dinners on, and just stare into. I’m made from a recycled gas cylinder, and I can roast, grill, fry, boil, bake, bbq, smoke, fondue and make amazing pizza. I have been redesigned several times over the past few years, and now I’m perfect. Sam and Clara will put me into production one day, so I can come and entertain and cook for you too.