The Build Of Bluey


THE BUILD OF BLUEY, OUR OWN TINY HOUSE It truly was an epic journey for both Sam and me. He started life as a 1975 FJ40 short wheelbase Toyota Landcruiser, and once in our possession, Bluey was chopped and changed to become the ultimate 4×4 touring machine. A longer  chassis from a hj45, short ute tray, extra door, roof top … Read More

Back on the road and checking out the awesomeness of Tasmania!


Tasmania here we come Well, after a small holiday from our holiday (Austria too see Clara’s lovely family over December and January) and some running repairs at Boobook (namely new wheels and tyres, some suspension work and a revamp of the upstairs awning), BluePrint adventures is back at it and checking out all the awesomeness down in Tassie. Only a … Read More

Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home After being on the road for nearly 4 months, Clara and I thought it was about time to  give a  little tour of our mobile happiness machine, Bluey. He’s not a home away from  home, a temporary dwelling, or a reality escape mobile, he is it, our lovely abode, our  grand residence, home sweet home.   Starting life as a 1975 FJ40 short wheelbase Toyota Landcruiser, once in our possession,  Bluey was chopped and changed to become the ultimate 4×4 touring machine. Longer  chassis, ute … Read More



Boobook – the dawning of a new adventure often means the closing of another. Although closing is definitely not the right term, because the last 3 months at Boobook have cemented some lifelong friendships. On the 12th of Feb this year, we handed back the keys on our little rental in Thornbury, a space that had been home to Clara … Read More

Today Is The Day


Today is the day. Well, 6 days ago was the day, so the second part of the adventure has now truly begun. The real adventure. The Blueprint adventure. Taking a few steps back and looking at Bluey,  the big blue truck we have built over the last 2.5 years, puts the biggest smile onto our faces. I know we can … Read More