Waste Veggie Oil May/April


WASTE VEGGIE OIL TASMANIA MAY/APRIL At the start of this latest trip to Tasmania, Sam and I were a bit concerned we wouldn’t be able get enough waste veggie oil support 2 trucks, Sapph, Sam Swift and Troopy now being on board. We knew from last year it was a lot harder to scavenge free fuel in Tas compared to … Read More

Waste veggie oil (WVO) for fuel and how it all works.


Waste veggie oil (WVO) for fuel and how it all works. In this long overdue write up, I’ll briefly summarise how we have managed to clock up approximately 50,000ks of driving while using under 500ltrs of diesel. To run a vehicle (or engine) successfully on STRAIGHT WASTE VEGGIE OIL, there are really only 3 important things to address. Firstly you must … Read More

The Build Of Bluey


THE BUILD OF BLUEY, OUR OWN TINY HOUSE It truly was an epic journey for both Sam and me. He started life as a 1975 FJ40 short wheelbase Toyota Landcruiser, and once in our possession, Bluey was chopped and changed to become the ultimate 4×4 touring machine. A longer  chassis from a hj45, short ute tray, extra door, roof top … Read More

I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Working!!!


I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Working!!!      I still can’t believe its actually working. To explore Australia whilst only spending our time to cover distance was always the plan. A grand plan admittedly, but one that we were not really sure would work until we were underway. Sure, I had faith in Bluey’s oil burning ability. We have dealt with … Read More

First Oil Collection – Allie’s Take Away


  We woke up to the sounds of singing birds, a big frost blanket across the countryside, and little bits of frozen ice on the awning. Last night was a really cold night. We’re more north than Melbourne, but were not north yet. This howerer, was not everything the 3rd day had to offer. The previous evening, we parked up … Read More