Today Is The Day


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Today is the day. Well, 6 days ago was the day, so the second part of the adventure has now truly begun. The real adventure. The Blueprint adventure. Taking a few steps back and looking at Bluey,  the big blue truck we have built over the last 2.5 years, puts the biggest smile onto our faces. I know we can be really proud of what we have achieved.  It has already been an epic journey so far, getting to this stage took a lot of our energy, time, determination, and of course almost every dollar we had.
Some days felt like we were taking one step forward, one step sideways and 3 steps back. Revisiting parts of the build that were once in the all sorted category became common place towards the end, problems that only became problems once other problems were fixed. In the end it all was worth it. The pleasures, the pain, the joy, the frustrations, the whole experience, was all well worth it. We have created our own little home, and its hit the road.

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