Waste Veggie Oil May/April

At the start of this latest trip to Tasmania, Sam and I were a bit concerned we wouldn’t be able get enough waste veggie oil support 2 trucks, Sapph, Sam Swift and Troopy now being on board. We knew from last year it was a lot harder to scavenge free fuel in Tas compared to the mainland.There seems to be a higher veggie oil user to deep fryer ratio down here, being an island state, necessity dictates a pretty resource savvy community. I guess its just a luck game, if they have it when you are asking for it, usually its yours.
…And it seems we have been very lucky lately.
After a month down in Tassie we found more oil than we could possibly take.
Huge Thanks to all the guys who have been helping us out and making our adventure even more unique.
120 ltrs of pre filtered waste veggie oil  – 720km
TIP SHOP in Swansea
50 ltrs from Rog – 300km
140ltrs – 840km
130-140 ltrs – 800km
140 ltrs – 840km
120 ltrs – 720km
110 ltrs – 660km

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  1. Chris and Jill

    Hi Sam, Clara, Sam and Sapph,
    We are really enjoying following your adventures. We have a WVO Raw power centrifuge as well and we’re about to fit HX, filters and valves to run WVO in our 1969 Bedford Bus (with 1988 Isuzu engine). Can I ask you a few questions:
    Do you have your centrifuge and heater powered together with common earth? I notice the heater doesn’t have an earth but its connected to the centrifuge so should be OK.
    I notice you run your WVO and diesel through the same final filter. Did you consider running diesel separate so when you block it on WVO you can still move on diesel? I love your diagnostic tool with the vacuum gauge between filter and lift pump. My main filter is between my lift pump and injectors so I may add a further fine filter prior to the lift and try a similar vacuum diagnostic.
    I appreciate your tank heater – nice work. At this stage, I’m planning to run a second inline 24V pump on the WVO line rather than installing a tank heater.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Hope to see you on the road some day.
    Jill and Chris

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